What is the difference between Internet and Ethernet?

04 Feb 2022

What is the difference between Internet and Ethernet?

The word Ethernet and Internet might sound similar, however, they are quite different. Internet is a global digital network that connects computer networks worldwide. With the aid of the internet, users can exchange information instantly. It facilitates the exchange of information, and the provision of services such as file sharing while surfing the World Wide Web. Meanwhile, Ethernet is a network of devices that are connected together in a Local area network (LAN). For example, if you work in an office, all the computers in the office will connect ethernet. 


When to use Internet: 

  • Browsing the web. 

  • Sending and receiving emails and instant messages

  • Transferring files between devices


When to use Ethernet: 

  • Connecting devices together in a LAN.

  • Providing internet access for devices.

  • Ensuring reliable, fast, and secure connectivity.

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